What GTC Taught Me

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A couple days ago, something unbelievable happened. The photography program at my first college, Gwinnett Technical College, was being terminated. Not many details have been announced as to the reasoning behind the termination. Hard to believe that it has been almost 10 years since I started the program.

Looking back at it, I gained a lot from my time there. Gwinnett Tech’s photography program taught me more than just skills and knowledge in several fields of photography. It taught me business and marketing aspects. It taught me problem solving and critical thinking skills. It taught me to think outside of the box. It taught me how to keep pushing until I got the results I wanted. It created relationships, opportunities and a lifetime of memories. It taught me more than what I could ever explain. THAT is just the icing on the cake of what Gwinnett Tech’s photography program taught me.

If my photography has inspired you or affected you in any (hopefully positive way), please sign the petition to help keep it going. Give other students the opportunity that I had. Click the link below.


All the best,



Aloha, Hawaii

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Well, life has definitely been crazy. I have been super busy with work and a new puppy, which means I haven’t had much time doing what I love most. After a long hiatus, I was able to pick up my camera during a long overdue vacation. Near the end of July, my family and I traveled to the beautiful island of Oahu. This week was filled with endless amounts of sightseeing. The week started off with exploring our history at the naval base of Pearl Harbor. Here, we visited the U.S.S. Missouri, U.S.S. Arizona Memorial and the U.S.S. Bowfin. Day two was filled with exploring the beautiful park of Waiamea Bay and learning about Polynesian cultures at the Polynesian Cultural Center. It was also filled with lots of love as we celebrated my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary. Day three involved exploring some beautiful beaches as well as checking out the Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor. Day four was a day filled with hiking at Diamond Head Crater. The last couple of days in Hawaii was some relaxing fun in the sun while chilling on the beach. All in all, it was an amazing experience. I thank my parents for letting my sisters and I take advantage of a Hawaiian vacation.

Happy 30th Anniversary Mama Bear and Papa Bear! Thanks for the memories!

2016 Update

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Greetings all,

To those who still keep up with my blog, my apologies on the large gaps between posts. It’s been a crazy ride. So, let’s recap the events since my last post.

I interned at ZuCot Gallery. I started and completed my Senior Exhibition. The best thing that happened last semester was I graduated Cum Laude from the University of North Georgia with my Bachelors of Science degree in Art Marketing.

With school being completed, the next step is to keep moving forward. I will continue to gain more knowledge about my craft. I will continue to create new things, whether it be for personal or commercial use. I will go and find the career that I have dreamed about for four years. Most of all, I will just keep moving forward.

Senior Production

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Greetings all,

Exciting things are happening this semester. First off, I got an amazing internship at ZuCot Gallery. Unbelievably exciting time working at that gallery. I’m learning more than I could ever believe.

Secondly, this semester is the big semester for me. I am in my Senior Portfolio Production class. In other words, I have aimlessly working away on creating my final show of UNG. Above is a glimpse of the ideas that have been running through my head. More to come!


Spring 2015

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Greetings strangers!

Apologies for being away for awhile. What a semester. Busy with work and artsy things. I can say that I was able to do something that I love very much, photography. This semester, I decided to take a Digital Photography and Time-based Photography class. In other words, I took a beginning digital class (again). I also took a photography class that entailed something I have not tackled before. This class in particular, I worked with stop-motion photography, time-lapse photography, cinemagraphs and a little bit of astrophotography. Pretty exciting stuff right there. I definitely want to experiment more with astrophotography and painting with light. Until then, here’s a small glimpse of what I spent this spring doing.



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Today on this gloomy day, I had the privilege of photographing Casha’s (my sister) friend, Nicole, for her graduation announcement. We planned this shoot a little last minute, which meant we had very little time to prepare. However, we still had a blast with the shoot. I’m quite pleased with the results, even if the weather was not on our side. Tell me what you think!

Congratulations, Nicole!


Exciting News!



I have exciting news. Actually, two pieces of exciting news!

Last Friday, I, along with many of my fellow classmates, proposed what we are hoping to be completing for our Senior Shows. Spending the last few years, experimenting with new forms of media and so forth, I finally chose a medium that I decided to propose for my Senior Review and Senior Show. Now, I won’t tell you that here. However, I will tell you that I had my proposal accepted! That means in Fall of 2015, I will be going through Senior Exhibition Production for my Senior Show!

Not only that, I have also entered the Hal B Rhodes Student Exhibition show. I was chosen out of 60 entries to participate in this show! Super excited!! Therefore, if you’re in Dahlonega March 26, join me for the reception!

(Long overdue update: My piece, “Bed”, won the UNG Visual Arts Department Head Award!)