A Chaotic Mess

With my life steadily drawing closer to become the Average Joe, I begin to fear that I am losing sights of the hopes and dreams of the artistic future I have been desiring for years upon years. A year ago, I would have never thought that I would have taken a full flip switch and return to the my job that drains what little creativity I have left. I never thought I would be battling myself, nonetheless those who I have grown to love, in order to make some peace and creative freedom in my life. Tis one of the scariest things to think that almost three months ago, I was staying up to all awful hours of the night just skyrocketing into utter artistic bliss. Yet now, its work, no sleep and drama filled days of summer. Where and how did I get here?

However, this is not the point, kind of. I have finally found my artistic muse and creative solution to the mundane life I have been living. All I can say is that it feels like heaven to be back in a creative zone. So, to share the silly artsy things that I have started create, here’s a sneak peak at the “Beginning Progression.”

Tell me what you think!

Cheers all


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