Anthony and Meriel

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After watching one of my favorite wedding related movies (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), I realized I had some updating to do. This past weekend I, along with my lovely large Filipino family, traveled to Sin City to watch our cousins, Anthony and Meriel, get married. Let’s just say, it was a wonderful, crazy and very silly wedding. The theme was a Blue Hawaiian wedding with a legit Elvis impersonator marrying my cousins. This guy was a riot. Definitely a nice change of pace. Plus, I was asked to be the reception photographer, which was a big change fore me. Definitely nerve-wrecking but a learning experience. I did figure out two things. A simple flash in my hot shoe made some pretty awesome photos (Thanks, Zack for One light help). I also learned mirrors are the devil when it comes to shooting with said flash. Bursts of light every where. Like I said, a learning experience. Any who, amazing wedding. Fun weekend and now back to reality.

Therefore, Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Young. I love you both. Hope I made you guys proud with these photos!



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