Jessica and Trevor

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Yesterday was the first photo shoot I have done in quite  awhile. It was also the first I had done on my own. Not going to lie, it was quite nerve-wrecking.

Yesterday, my friend, Christina, and I traveled to Blairesville, Georgia to photograph Jessica Craig and Trevor Jones for their engagement. We traveled early in the morning to the beautiful vineyards of Crane Creek. It was a gorgeous day for an engagement session. To be honest, I have felt a bit rusty at the beginning of the shoot. But once the day progressed, my creative flow came back. I definitely have to thank Jess and Trevor for being patient with me yesterday. I also want to thank Christina for waking up early to help be my assistant.

Congratulations to the future Dr. and Mrs. Trevor Jones! I can not wait to be a part of a beautiful and very special day in your lives. I wish you both a beautiful and happy future together!


8 thoughts on “Jessica and Trevor

  1. nice job! Believe me I was super nervous the first wedding me and Jayne did and it definitely gets easier!

  2. I know the couple (go to school with them) and you did an amazing job; photography is supposed to capture the mood and feelings of everything you capture and you did so in those pictures and more!

  3. Hey Breanna!

    Thanks! Jess and Trevor are both good friends of mine (and future classmates because I will be at NGCSU in the fall). I wanted to make sure that everything went well for the photo shoot. I also wanted to capture their relationship and their engagement. I felt that this did what I wanted it to.

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