Danny and Miriam

Danny and Miriam

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the major delay in updating. If you haven’t heard yet, I am going on my fourth day mattress surfing. Sadly, I don’t really mean surfing on mattresses. I’ve been sick. Day 4… I am hoping to get better by Friday. (Keep your fingers crossed for me)

Any who. On Saturday, Mike and I traveled to Athens with my friends, Danny and Miriam. It was a beautiful day for a photo shoot. I definitely wish we could have stayed longer and gotten some awesome evening photos. Since we couldn’t, we did what we always do. Take awesome photos and work around what “problems” arise. Woot woot. I definitely like a lot of the photos that came from this shoot. I can’t wait for another one with Danny and Miriam. Thank you both for being awesome and dealing with the very sick me.

Tell me what you think.


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