Nico Ramos

Nico Ramos
Today was another fun and fabulous (and freezing) photo shoot with Michael Terrell and Nico Ramos! If you have been following my blog, you have seen Nico before. If not, you should browse around! Any who. Like I said, today was a fabulous shoot. Michael took the lead today and started with some fun yet interesting photos. Afterwards, it was my turn. On the way to Michael’s location, we found this wonderful tunnel. With some awesome one light and low aperture, we made this simple tunnel into something mysterious. With Nico’s actor-like thought process, he took his modeling to a new level for me. By merely putting his mind to the location and focusing on his body, he brought new, abstract and mysterious to our photo shoot. The photo above to me screams this. It is so different and confusing to me; yet, it brings a new focus and mindset to the photograph. It’s my favorite.

Thank you to Nico and Michael for another fabulous shoot! Tell me what you think!

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