Das Auto: Day 4

VW_Day 4
Yes, the final post of the VW Event.

Day 4 was the most important day for the NDI Group, VW, Amanda, Brett and I. It was the big drive day. In other words, it was the day where over almost 700 cars would be driving from the GICC to the VW hub in Chattanooga. Pretty sweet, right?

Our day started pretty early. Amanda, Brett and I met with our NDI team leader, Tammy, at 6:45 a.m. From there, Tammy gave us the run down of what needed to be photographed today and so on and so forth. Brett was the one to travel to Chattanooga while Amanda and I stayed at the GICC. Amanda and I took care of photographing the Dealer’s Drive Day rundown, the dealers walking to their cars, and initially, the drive away from the GICC. After getting all of these necessities, Amanda and I decided to zoom over to 285 and capture some images of the cars driving away. Of course, since we were in some obvious attire, the drivers couldn’t help but honk and wave good bye to us. That made my day.

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