Das Auto: Day 3

VW_Day 3
So, I do apologize for slowly rolling out these blog posts. I normally would have done one the day of the shoot, but I have been so far exhausted that its just out of my mind. Haha.

On day 3 of the VW release with NDI, Amanda, Brett and I were asked to do a few more of the setting up process and the finalization of the overall look of the interior at the GICC. Not going to lie, the event looked awesome. Very simplistic yet classy, which to me screams VW.

After capturing our last walk around, we were asked to go to one of the five hotels that would be hosting our dealers from all over the country. We were asked to photograph the dealers coming in for registration and getting ready to move over to the GICC. Sounds kind of boring, but it was pretty cool getting to see all of the different and diverse dealers from all over the country and Canada.

The photo above is one another angle of the car from my last post. This is the European version of the Golf. Quite a beautiful car. I know that my instructors would be a little irritated at the random bursts of light in the image, but the people at NDI would hopefully like it.

Tell me what you think.


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