Das Auto

So, today was pretty interesting. How was it interesting you ask? Welllll… My fellow graduates, Amanda Gardner and Brett May, and I had the privilege to document the NDI Group‘s work and assistance with Volkswagen‘s release of their new Jetta. Wow. That was quite a mouthful. So… who, what and where?

The NDI Group is a company that works on the auto management for automobile companies major event in order for the events to run smoothly and professionally. Not going to lie, these guys have got a lot of work to do and know how to do it. In my opinion, they are pros at what they do.

Any who, Brett, Amanda and I have the privilege of documenting this giant event. For us, its a four day event of photographing what goes on behind the releases. We also get the privilege to photograph the drive of the Volkswagen Jettas. This drive is the first and biggest American drive that Volkswagen has ever done for their release. We will get to photograph over 800 cars traveling from Atlanta to the Tennessee hub in Chattanooga. I’m excited.

So here is a little taste of what we are doing. I know these aren’t  advertising product shots, but I wanted to show more of an artistis view. I definitely have to thank NDI Group for giving me this opportunity.


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