Today was a bit of a stressful day. In the end, it got immensely better. I thank two people for that. I first thank, David,my very supportive boyfriend. I also thank Allyson Sharp, who was my super awesome model. Both of these individuals helped me escape from my very chaotic and stressful life for a few hours. I thank you both.

Any who, besides chaos, today was another photo shoot adventure with Allyson Sharp. The first part of the adventure was of course getting together on time … or near the anticipated time. After that, it was a journey to finding our location, Buford Dam, which was a place I have been before. After finding my location, the shoot began. The only difference was Allyson and I took a better side of photo shoots. A more fun side for sure. After enduring unbearable heat and irritating bugs, Allyson and I completed our shoot.

All in all, today got better. My photo shoot was one I enjoyed and received some amazing results. Thank you, Ally!

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2 thoughts on “Allyson

  1. I think we need to do one on one shoots more often. We did get alot better results. I think it kind of gave us more creative freedom without telling the little boys not to touch things 🙂 As always lovely, you’re amazing and I love this shot. (Though I think the outrageous “ah” face was pretty spectacular as well) ahah

  2. Indeed. I feel like we have more freedom to just relax and be ourselves. None the less, we do get waaay more creative. Haha. I had a great muse for these photographs. So thank you. I do love your outrageous “AH” face. Haha

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