Oh Snap! It’s 3D

3D Image
Haha. Sorry, just a little excited for this quarter.

Any who. For most that do not know, this is the big quarter for me. My portfolio show will be in September, which means I need to get it in gear. For the portfolio show, we have two galleries from our program being shown at Art Station. The main gallery will be our senior portfolios. The second gallery will be the 3-D extravaganza. Yes, I just said extravaganza. It’s that awesome.

Therefore, the first assignment would be the 3-D assignment. No, it’s nothing like Avatar 3-D. It’s bringing back the style of old skool 3-D. I’m talking about anaglyphs. Do not know that that is? Remember 3-D movies that required you to use those nifty, yet headache provoking blue and red glasses? That is what I am talking about. The image above is my version of anaglyph 3-D.

Tell me what you think about it. Don’t have the glasses to see it? Well, red and blue cellophane would work as a possible substitute for the glasses. Otherwise, find some! Tell me what you think and be brutally honest!


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