Andy Hartmark

Hey, so I know I have been on a blogging hiatus for quite a while, but I’m back now. I was in need of some major rest and relaxation. Any who, latest photographer of interest is Andy Hartmark. Never heard of Andy Hartmark? I didn’t either until my good friend and fellow photographer, Chris Decker, showed him to me. This photographer takes a new spin on portrait photography. He does what most professionals don’t do, which is photograph women with lots of tattoos. Normally, tattooed women are not seen in fashion magazines or websites. Most websites and magazines that feature tattooed women circulate around Suicide Girls, which is a huge website for tattooed models, and tattoo magazines. I’ve grown pretty fond of seeing this kind of photography, which made me pretty excited and looking for ideas thanks to Andy Hartmark. Granted some of his work is a bit gory and grotesque, but it’s completely new and interesting in my eyes. I suggest you check him out!


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