Architecture: Deborah McLean

As we get closer to finishing up the spring quarter, my classmates draw closer to final four for our architecture class. What is final four? Simple. As we enter a certain class, we learn several basic techniques, such as lighting, composition and so on. Rather than doing a final exam on what we have learned, we put our photography to the test. We use all the knowledge we have gained and put it into a series of four images (AKA Final Four!). Simple, see?

Any who as we continue to working on our architecture assignments, preparation for final four is on the way. In doing research, I found a photographer, who is also a cook and interior designer. Her name is Deborah McLean. I found her work pretty interesting, especially for architecture. I looked deeper into her photographs and tried to go through her thought process of design, composition and preparation for the shoot. What goes in the room? What kind of lighting should be used? How do i compose this? Pretty thought provoking and interesting. I’m hoping that my final four can capture the essentials that I have seen in her photography. Any who, check Deborah McLean. She’s pretty awesome for her architecture photography and interior design.


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