Onelight Workshop

As I continue on with my internship with Usedfilm Studios and Zack Arias, I get to learn a lot about Zack’s style of photography and how he controls it. Yesterday was the Onelight Workshop. I have always been intrigued with Zack‘s one light work and to get hands on experience is awesome. I learned so much yesterday. I learned the basics, such as shutter speed and aperture, to what seemed complex until put into action, such as lighting with off camera flash and a light stand. I also had the opportunity to use my newly gained knowledge hands on. Granted the image is a head shot, I like it. I like the lighting  and how shallow the depth of field is. I am definitely going to experiment further with the knowledge I have gained. So, check it out. Give opinions, tips, criticism, advice or a jolly good laugh.

(BTW, only minor post production was done. I wanted to show what was close to out of the camera.)



2 thoughts on “Onelight Workshop

  1. I hope you took detailed notes or have an amazing memory because I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!! Teach me your ways Number One.

    ohyeah the picture. I kinda like the shallowness of it.

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