Day 1: GOYA Shoot

Yesterday was the first day of my internship with Zack Arias and the Usedfilm Studios. I was pretty excited and quite nervous yesterday. I met up with Sherri and Dan again to learn a little about the upcoming events. Let’s simply say, next week is going to be incredibly busy. Any who, to pass the time and ease the thought processes, Sherri and I decided to go and do a GOYA shoot. What’s a “GOYA?” If you go on to Zack’s blog, you can see GOYA‘s are “Get off your arse” shoots. The members of Usedfilm will select a topic and go out and shoot. Once they have done this, they will return to the studio and do any necessary edits. Afterwards, they critique and choose a winner. So, GOYA is pretty much a competition and a way to not be lazy. Click here to see previous GOYA‘s. Yesterday’s GOYA was lines and color. The image above is the one I liked the best. What do you think??

Anywho, thanks Sherri and Dan for letting me come down yesterday.


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