Weird number. I know, but it’s ok. It was my parking space today, so I decided to use it.

Any who, I decided it was time to brush up on a few skills today before I become incredibly busy. Today, Mr. Twitty, Amy and I decided to fulfill our work for our Architecture class. I thank them both for being patient with my indecisions about my subject. I think the image turned out well, even if it was not the one I wanted. I also thank for helping me make sure that it was as well done as possible with the 4×5.

We also decided to adventure off to Atlanta to drop off our 4×5 color chromes at E-6. During the time of our initial drop off and pick up, we decided to adventure around Atlanta to scout for future assignment. In doing so, we took out the 45mm tilt shift lens for some experimentation. It was quite nice. In the process, I decided to experiment more with my 50 mm lens. I definitely got to brush up on some skills, not only manual focus but looking for basic principles (lines, movement, etc.). I enjoyed today.

The image above was inspired by Captain Amy. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check her blog out. ASAP!

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