Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Choy

Mr. and Mrs. Choy
This weekend, I had the privilege to go to Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only that, I had the privilege to attend my wonderful cousin’s, Chris, Las Vegas wedding. The experience alone in Las Vegas was wonderful. The sights there are unlike anything I have ever seen. Maybe that’s why Vegas is a world of its own. Any who, I was able to photograph a little bit while I was in Vegas. I wish I could have taken way more photos, but I will cherish the memories no matter what. I was able to capture a few moments at my cousin’s wedding. However, to respect the photographers working the wedding and the ceremony, I was not able to use a flash. I was able to use some low lighting skills from before strobes and what not. Hopefully, I will get to have some more experience with photographing weddings. Feel free to critique this photograph! It will only help me more and it is greatly appreciated!

Congrats to the Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Choy.
The wedding was beautiful.


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