Not too long ago, I spoke to my Grandfather about a local car show he attended. Even though my Grandfather is a car fanatic, he shares an interest in photography with me, which makes me very happy. He even sent me his old 35 mm for me to experiment with, which is awesome. Any who, he was checking out a local car scene with his Model T and a photographer took a photo of his car. Not just a digital photographer, but someone who was using a Twin Lens Reflex camera. He was later the image and was in awe. So the point of this is I would like to experiment with a TLR. I would really like to learn more about the cameras and experiment with it. Pretty stoked and excited to look for a TLR.

Check out this website for the Minoltas I was looking at.


4 thoughts on “TLR

  1. This camera started its original life back in the mid-fifties. I guess you know this already. Here’s a link to wikepedia that gives more information:
    I hope the link helps you 🙂

    I have owned a few cameras in my time but now I use a Panasonic G1. I have traveled to many places and love capturing some of the beautiful things I see.

    Best wishes and regards,

    – poettraveler-

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