A Sign of Hope

Today, I went out for a little while to search for some interesting things for my Photojournalism assignment. For most of it, I had no luck. Out of the blue, I found something, or someone rather, that caught my eye. A homeless man on the side of the road with a sign that said, “Food.” He looked awesome, well, not really. But I thought he would make a good photo. Therefore, I asked him and gave him some money. He was very kind and very happy to see that I had given him something. He just looked quite happy, even after I left. I think I inspired someone else to give him something. Just as I called Amy, a car was pulled over, and he was near the window. I’m hoping they helped out. Well yea. I learned something. Even if they are homeless, a little change gives them hope.
So here’s Bob. I’m not done editing the image, but I wanted to blog about it.



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