A Hit Close to Home

On September 26, Tropical Storm Ketsana flooded the streets of Manila (the capital of the Philippines). Did you know that 80% of the capital is submerged underwater, which left nearly four million people have been displaced from their homes? This storm brought the Philippines the worst rains in four decades, but that was not it. A week later, Typhoon Parma caused more damage, which led to landslides killing almost 200 people. These two storms caused Filipinos tons of damage and lots of problems, such as fears of disease and food shortages.
This is such a tragedy and hits me pretty hard. I’m half Filipino, and I still have family there. So, this definitely worries me. I wish the best of luck to Santa Cruz and Manila, which were the two cities hit the most by these storms. I hope everything gets better.
Click here to read the photo story found on the First Post website.

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